Special Guest Speakers

In addition to our lineup of world expert ophthalmologist speakers at BIOR 2014,
we will have three distinguished guest speakers from outside our profession to share their knowledge and expertise:
Michael Yamashita, Prof. Charles Oxnard and Prof. Paul McMenamin

Michael Yamashita
National Geographic (Magazine)
Photographer, USA

Michael will conduct both a Photography
Workshop and Lecture at BIOR 2014

Prof. Charles Oxnard
School of Anatomy, Physiology and
Human Biology, University of Western Australia

Prof. Oxnard's session topic at BIOR 2014 is
"The Hobbits of Flores"

An elite and prestigious addition to BIOR 2014 is the participation of RETINAWS under the direction of Prof. Kourous Rezaei of Rush University Medical Center. RETINAWS is a highly popular program where a panel of retina surgeons present retinal mishaps they have encountered in the operating room and discuss how to manage them.

Prof. Kourous Rezaei
Rush University Medical Center, Illinois Retina Associates, USA