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Important BIOR Announcement

This is to announce that that In acknowledgment of the fact that some of the multinational sponsors have had some internal corporate issues supporting BIOR because of the words “Retreat” and Leisure” in our original name and materials, we are changing the name of the conference to avoid any misconception that the event is not an educational scientific meeting, which it most certainly is and always has been of the highest professional standard. Consequently, we have changed our event name from the “Bali Ophthalmology Retreat” to the “Bali International Ophthalmology Review” still maintaining our established BIOR abbreviation and www.bior.com domain name. We are removing reference to retreat and leisure in our materials going forward, plus we have designed a new logo shown above. Since its successful launch in 2008, BIOR has established itself for quality, excellence, and professionalism and will continue in this tradition as the Bali International Ophthalmology Review. BIOR 2018 will be held March 2 – 4, 2018 at the award winning AYANA Resort Bali.